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The Second Revision Notes For Naming Scheme Of The Robot 7th_axis

2017/8/30      view:

Suzhou Tongjin Precision Industry Joint-stock CO.,Ltd


The Second Revision Notes For Naming Scheme Of The Robot 7th_axis


The TJS robot 7th_axis of Suzhou Tongjin has been launched for a long time, and get a lot of praises from our customers. In order to deliver the best browsing experiencethe study of Suzhou Tongjin Standardization Committee decided to do the second revisionand it is officially released on August 22, 2017.It is hereby declared here.

The naming rules of our robots are divided into eight parts, and the specific meanings are as follows


  1. The TJS represents the 7th_axis which is produced by Tongjin company.And It echoes the "TJE" in the electric cylinder, the "TJM" and "TJH" in the module.


    2.The two figures represent the load, and the unit is "tons". "05" means 0.5 tons, and "20" means 2 tons.


  1. The "L" plus three digits indicates the total length. And the unit is "meters", "040" stands for 4 meters, and "120" stands for 12 meters. (Effective travel is determined in the final technical document)


  2. The "V" plus two digits indicates the speed. And a unit of speed is  "meters per second".08 means 0.8m/s. If there is no requirement, please refer to 1 m/s.


  3. The "A" plus two digits indicates the acceleration, which unit is "meters per two square seconds".08 means 0.8m/s2. If there is no requirement, please refer to 1 m/s2.

  4. The letter "L" means "lubrication"and at present lubrication has three kinds include "manual grease", "automatic lubricating oil" and "automatic lubricating grease", which is respectively expressed by L1, L2, L3.

    "L1" means "manual grease":

    "L2" means "automatic lubricating oil":

    "L3" means "automatic lubricating grease"If not filled, it means automatic lubricating oil


  5. The "E" means dust-proof mode and at present, the dust-proof of rack is basically one kind of sheet metal bending.The rail is divided into two kinds of sheet metal bending and organ shield, which are represented by E1 and E2 respectively.


    "E0" means "no protection"

    "E1" means "sheet metal protection" (if not filled means sheet metal protection)

    "E2" stands for "organ shield"

    "E3" means "welding with fully sealed "

    "E4" means "full sealed for spraying"


    8.The last number represents towline requirements, now the "1" is plastic towline, "2" is steel towline, "3" is stainless steel towline, "4"is special requirements. (such as filling said plastic towline)