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Warmly congratulate ISEL Germany AG-the partner of Suzhou Tongjin attends The China Aluminum Industry Exhibition 2017

2017/8/31      view:
                                                                           Booth Number: W2-2C06

ISEL Germany AG attends The China Aluminum Industry Exhibition 2017,with carrying engraving machines and tilting rotating units and other products unveiled at this exhibition, has gained much attention from customers both at home and abroad.

In July 19th, the thirteenth China International Aluminum Industry and Shanghai international industrial materials exhibition were grandly opened in Shanghai New International Expo Center.It brings together more than 400 aluminum production enterprises in more than 30 countries and regions, processing equipment supply enterprises, materials processing enterprises and so on, to witness the Chinese aluminum industry grand meeting in 2017.

With the transformation and upgrading of the automotive industry and the continuous development of new energy vehicles, the process of China's automotive lightweight began to increase significantly.Automotive lightweight will inevitably become the core of the industry focus because the government’s active promotion of lightweight materials, transportation lightweight, material upgrading, coupled with the strengthening of environmental awareness.

The China Aluminum Industry Exhibition 2017 based on the success of the previous 12 exhibitions, constantly adapted to the market changes and the demand of exhibitors, made the exhibition from the form to the content of bold innovation, through the introduction of a series of theme activities and the scene display area, implementation of the "big and complete" to "and" transformation and upgrading, efforts to achieve "innovation, harmony, healthy green, open, sharing," the five development ideas, accelerate the supply side structural reform, continue to play a positive role and contribute China the development of aluminum industry.